Paperless + Church Community Builder


Paperless Transactions offers the ONLY integration with CCB that combines Church Giving, Church Groups, and Church Events; it’s a best-in-class integration that will make your church members’ lives easier and will cut down hours of back office administrative work.  You heard that correctly...we wanted to build an integration that included more than just Church Giving and we'd love to continue to build out this integration's options and features.

Below is how the Paperless integration works with CCB Groups, Giving, and Events.


  • Group Finder - allows you to pass in a set of criteria and returns a listing of the groups that best match the criteria.
  • Group’s Profile - returns a group’s profile.
  • Add Individual to Group - allows an individual to be added to an existing group based on the group’s join membership type (open to all or request) and capacity.
  • Individual Groups - returns all groups the specified individual is associated with.
  • Group Participants - returns all members associated with a group returned.


  • Campus List - returns a list of campuses.
  • Chart of Accounts (Designations) Listing - returns all the designations (COAs).
  • Update Individual - saves PTC profile on CCB for 1-click giving in the future.
  • Online Giving - stores transaction details from PTC in CCB. For example, amount, authorization code, processing date, designation, donor profile, etc.


  • Create Event - Append /EventRegistration.html to the container URL and fill the entire form to create your event.
  • Find Events & Events Profile - will shortlist and render, on a table, only the events created by your church.
  • Create Individual - creates a new individual record on CCB for the person who is registering for the event.
  • Add Individual to Event - registers the individual for the free/paid event.

If you would like to learn more and see how the Paperless integration works with CCB, please click the button below to schedule a demo.